We're a nation connected to and by nature.

It sustains us, captivates us and is an important part of our identity. Yet, threats like climate change, pollution and habitat loss are affecting the wildlife and places we value deeply and depend upon.

So we urge you to deepen your connection to nature and make it count. Because together, we can have an even bigger impact on the health of nature in Canada for years to come.

What you can do for nature today

Polar bears in Hudson Bay walk up to 5,000 km across the Arctic sea ice annually. And every year this journey becomes more difficult because the sea ice on which they depend is melting due to climate change.

Polar bears make their home on the ever-shrinking expanse of sea ice. To help them thrive we're challenging teachers and students to symbolically walk in the paws of the mighty polar bear.

By hosting a school walk and collecting toonies (which feature the iconic species), you'll be a part of a national effort to conserve their Arctic home.

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Citizen scientists to help pinpoint phosphorus hotspots to tame Lake Winnipeg algae blooms

Guest Blogger

Lake Winnipeg Foundation, a WWF-Canada Loblaw Water Fund grant recipient, developed and tested water monitoring protocols which will enable a community-based network of citizen scientists to collect high-quality data to help reduce algae blooms in Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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